Edmonton Battery Disposal and Recycling Service

Battery Disposal and Battery Recycling is a concern for many businesses. Industry uses a number of Sealed and unsealed batteries, for vehicles, generators, forklifts and more. When these batteries end their useful life, they must be disposed of correctly to protect individuals and the environment.

Edmonton has a battery recycling option! Battery Electric Inc will pay for used sealed lead acid batteries, please contact us for details. We are one of the only certified battery recycling centers in Edmonton. Whether you have sealed lead acid batteries, car batteries, forklift or small/large equipment batteries we can safely recycle all used commercial and industrial batteries.

We are licensed to transport used/scrap batteries in Alberta and B.C. We have all the required approvals from the Alberta Government to transport and store batteries safely in our shop in Edmonton. Battery Electric sends all used batteries via approved trucks to an authorized battery smelter for recycling.

You can be sure your old batteries are disposed of safely when you bring them to us, and for certain battery types and styles, we’re often able to pay you for certain portions of the batteries you dispose of with us!