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Chargers and Converters

We sell a variety of chargers and converters to suit the needs of all our customers. Our chargers range from small single cell trickle chargers for your quad batteries to larger industrial chargers for pulp mills and the oil and gas industry and anything in the middle. Our chargers and converters are in a wide range of applications like: the telecom industry, sub stations and switch yards, power plants and co-gens, data centers, oil and gas plants, petro chemical plants, pulp mills and water treatment plants just to name a few. Our chargers and converters are easier to use and set up, we have a chargers that are so user friendly and safe that they will just not work if hooked incorrectly.

Charging your Backup System correctly is critical for long term dependability. Chargers and Converters contribute to the health of your power and backup systems.

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Class 1 Div 2 rated and standard converters available and more.
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