Battery Electric Inc. is your one stop supply for battery back-up systems.

We service the oil and gas industry, utility, power generation plants, telecom applications, SCADA systems, gas plants, co-gens, substations, switch gear, cell towers, data centers, water treatment plants and pulp mills.   We can engineer a solution for all of your back-up requirements from start to finish. We also service all products we sell. Our services include supply of product, delivery, acceptance testing, installation, commission and training for all systems sold.  We have a large team of trained technicians to install whatever product you need.

We are fully equipped with multiple trucks and trailers to move your product wherever it is needed. We have a variety of equipment: Moffett, skid steer, stair climbers and dollies to be sure your product is handled with the utmost care. We use insulated tools on all of our jobs and have all of the safety accreditations that your site may require. We are capable of load testing your batteries with temporary back up if you require. We will get the job done on time and safely every time.

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Equipment Startup and Training:

Battery Electric can provide you with factory authorized start-up and PM servicing of LTI UPSs (Lorain Technology Inc) and RIC Electronics Ltd equipment. Our technician is a certified Electrical Engineer Technologist, C.E.T with 14 years experience in the field.

Delivery and Installation:

We offer acceptance and pre-installation system testing along with onsite removal of old batteries. We offer certified installation including rack and spill containment. We have portable trailers and battery banks for maintaining DC systems during installation, we are equipped with a wide range of equipment to tackle any install: enclosed and flat deck trailers, bobcat for fork lifting onsite, portable stair climbing equipment lifts, 1000V rated insulated tools and more.

Battery-Electric-Load-TestingLoad Testing:

We provide full load testing of your battery systems new or old, onsite or at our warehouse. This includes a full data logged load test from 20 minutes to 72 hours and 2 to 500 amps load as per customer preference. The load test includes a full report supplied after every test which provides individual readings of each cell every 5 seconds to properly detect failing cells.

Rental Equipment:

Load tester: rated 12 VDC @ 13 amps to 120 VDC 34 Amps
Chargers: 120VDC 20A, 30A, 50A, 24VDC , 75A
UPS: 5 kVA 208/240 VAC in and 120 VAC out


We provide training seminars for staff on batteries, solar, UPS, inverter and charger systems. We also offer on-site technical training to your staff on batteries for your specific applications. Staff training can cover battery technologies (GEL, AGM, Wet Batteries, NICAD etc.), product knowledge, and servicing including proper maintenance and charging of your battery systems.

Remote/Off Road Capability:

We can handle any install whether it is in town or on a remote site, we have the equipment to handle all your battery power needs. Our fleet includes a Bobcat, Moffett Truck, Side by Side and ATV, so no matter where you are located we can get to where we need to be.

After Hours Service:

After hour emergency service is available; please contact us for details.