We Design and Provide Solar Systems That Work!

We provide the most durable and high quality solar components available on the market, for both industrial and commercial use. We supply a full range of controllers, panels, pole mount kits, inverters, voltage converters, enclosures and batteries for all solar applications. Our batteries, specifically the UPS-100 and BATRIC G27, are unparalleled in their ability to maintain their capacity in cold weather solar applications. No other 100AH solar battery on the market today provides more amps at -40 deg C than the UPS-100 and BATRIC G27.

The most common problem with solar systems today is battery failure due to weather conditions. If you have a properly designed solar system with the right technology and battery size, your solar system will work. Battery Electric provides IEEE sized batteries using the proper technology for some of the most extreme climates in Canada and the world (-40°C to 50°C), and solar panels sized to handle your most critical remote loads.

We provide solar products from names such as:

  • Solar Panels – Sharp, SolarTech, Mitsubishi, GE, and Kyocera
  • Regulators – Morningstar (Sun Saver) and Specialty Concepts (ASC) Pole, Wall and Roof Mount Brackets.

Our reputation is built on providing battery systems that work for the entire life of the battery whether it’s a 5, 10 or 20 year design life. We design solar systems from the battery up, because if the battery fails the solar system won’t work.

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