For All Battery Backup Needs.

We have an experienced electrical engineering technologist and electrician on hand with over a decade’s worth of hands-on work with UPSs, chargers, inverters, solar systems and more. We can design and deliver custom battery power solutions to provide the highest level of protection for all critical equipment, whether industrial or commercial.

Battery Electric can offer you complete support to help identify and fulfill your battery back-up needs, now and well into the future.

Experienced, Dedicated, Dependable

Our certified Electrical Engineering Technologist has over 14 years experience in UPS, chargers, inverters, solar systems and battery back-up applications ranging from the utility industry to the oil and gas industry. We are home to Canada’s battery expert with over 40 years experience providing industrial battery solutions. We are a company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and can deliver custom solutions every day. Battery power is as important as the equipment it protects. Battery Electric has been supplying dependable products and precise solutions to the commercial, engineering and industrial sector for over 37 years.

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