At Battery Electric Inc we have 5 installers with combined 30 years of battery installation experience.

We provide an initial charge on your batteries and record all the serial numbers for warranty purposes.  All products are installed in accordance with manufacture specifications to ensure warranty eligibility.   Battery Electric is government approved for disposal of all battery waste.

We have a Journeyman Electrician, Electrical Engineering Technologist along with an Electronics Engineering Technologist available to meet all your needs.

At Battery Electric we also provide the following:

  • Commissioning: Batteries, UPS and chargers
  • Impedance or conductance testing on your batteries if desired to trend the life of your batteries
  • IEEE Load testing
  • Provide backup batteries during a battery replacement to ensure a seamless replacement with no power loss
  • Delivery and removal of batteries to and from site.  We are equipped with 3 enclosed trailers, one of which is heated to insure the batteries arrive in good condition on cold winter days
  • We are equipped with a skid steer and a Moffett if clear access to the site isn’t available with truck and trailer.
  • PM Service on battery banks:
    • Post and strap cleaning
    • Check and record voltage
    • Check and record Specific gravity of flooded cells
    • Impedance and conductance testing
    • Battery connector resistance testing
    • Load  testing with automated individual cell voltage monitoring
    • Water level checks and top ups with distilled water
    • Charger adjustments
  • Full PM Charger/UPS service
  • Repair/Maintenance of most major chargers/UPS equipment such as Vertiv, LTI, RIC, Hayley, Staticon, SAFT, HindlePower Inc.
  • Master electrician available to complete turn-key UPS/Charger installation/removal and rewiring of site electrical as needed.