Battery monitoring systems give you real time 24/7 monitoring.

Battery monitoring systems give you real time 24/7 monitoring of your battery banks — another tool to protect your investment. With onboard battery monitoring, customers can help meet their NERC requirements for battery maintenance intervals. Battery Electric supplies battery monitoring systems in real time Block Voltage, Block Temperature, Block Ohmic, Block Ripple Voltage, Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Current, Ripple Current and String Voltage among other features.

At a minimum, battery monitoring logs all events and alarms — the monitoring system has automatic data logging, analysis of battery bank trends, diagnostic capabilities and trend analysis. The battery monitoring can be paired with most battery and UPS systems and is compatible with different battery technologies.

We can recommend and install a battery monitoring system that is right for your company’s needs. Contact us today to find out more about battery monitoring and how we can be beneficial to the maintenance of your battery systems.