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Battery Electric Inc. serves Alberta & British Columbia commercial and industrial businesses.

The Gel BATRIC UPS100 Battery

Gel BATRIC UPS100 batteries are designed for demanding standby float applications in abusive environments. Their rugged and time-proven performance offer the best combination of runtime and service life for TEG’s. BATRIC GELs are fully up to specifications as soon as they are installed.

The UPS100 is the only true 10 year design life GEL battery manufactured in North America. It carries a 10 year pro-rated warranty in float service in thermally managed environments. The UPS100 is so versatile we can supply them indoors or outdoors +30° C to -40° C. UPS100’s are rigorously tested at the factory for mission critical applications. The UPS100’s patented technology provides the highest capacity in the industry at -40° C, an industry leading 40% of 20°C capacity compared to the next best at 26%, 1/3 less capacity.

A Proven Track Record of Performance

We at Battery Electric are proud of our impeccable track record (twenty years plus) supplying the UPS100 and BATRIC G27battery. BATRIC UPS100’s have operated flawlessly in the most demanding temperature extremes. Thanks to their gelled design they effectively dissipate internally generated summer heat resulting in a lower float current allowing a TEG to have a smaller DC recharger, than if it were an AGM design. And since our GEL technology batteries last significantly longer than other manufacturers products, the TEG reliability has been enhanced significantly.

Your North American Distributor of the BATRIC UPS100

And last but not least Battery Electric’s expertise is held in such high regard by our manufacturer we are the North American distributor of the BATRIC UPS100. With this expertise a telephone call away customers are always the best informed clients in the sealed battery world. We are based our of Edmonton, AB we service British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and the territories; we sell our product all over Canada.

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Your One-Stop Supply in Battery Back-Up Systems

Battery Electric Inc is your one stop supply in battery back-up systems for oilfield, utility, power generation and telecom. We can engineer a solution for your back-up requirements from start to finish as well as provide service for the life of the products supplied. Our services include: supply of product, acceptance testing, delivery, installation, removal, commissioning, PM servicing and training for any and all systems sold. Battery Electric is SECOR certified with Enform, and in good standing with PICSISNetworldComplyWorks and CQN Canqual CQN Advantage.

Battery Power is as Important as the Equipment it Protects

Battery Electric Inc. has been supplying dependable products and precise solutions to the engineering and industrial sector for over 43 years. Whether providing backup power solutions for applications on-grid, or solar power systems for off-grid use, Battery Electric supplies high-quality, time tested and fully engineered solutions. We specialize in Battery powered solutions that can withstand extreme weather conditions, and custom engineering for complex or high demand systems that keep your home or business moving when electriciy needs arise.

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