So the temperatures have to be taken into consideration and typically, we don’t deal too much with high temperatures. Most of the temperature issues that we wanna deal with is cold temperatures down to minus 40s and minus 30s and stuff like that. Because when the heat goes out, that’s what the temperature is going to go to when it’s in the cold. And temperature and cold is what you want to size your battery bigger for.

Part of your backup application you want to know is, are you doing a five minute backup application? Or are you doing hours of backup application? Are you going to do an eight hour backup? Are you going to do a 72 hour backup? It also depends on which battery you can go with. If we go with more of an eight hour backup to a four hour backup, we can get into AGM. We can also get into a gel product. But if we go into a five minute backup, we’re going to go to a high-rate AGM battery to get that power out of the battery as fast as possible.

So there’s many different design criterias. That’s why we like to talk to the customer, go over a bunch of points and find out a lot of what they’re looking for, what they anticipate, what kind of loads are going to increase on the system, if we need to do a design factor or aging factor to make sure they can handle it at the end of 20 years or 10 years or five.

So there’s many different criterias that we like to go through with the client and make sure that we design the best possible scenario for them.